What To Do before Getting A Dog Home?

Before getting a dog, it is important to prepare your home for the new addition. This means cleaning up any areas that the dog may have accidents in, providing plenty of food and water, and setting up a routine for the dog. It is also important to make sure that your dog is properly socialized and trained.

Make your house Dog proof

While you may be very excited to get a dog home, you could easily ignore the fact that there might be many items and articles lying in and around your house that could prove to be harmful and toxic to your dog.

There could be many things that we may think our dogs won’t be interested in, but we could be far from the truth. Dogs are naturally very inquisitive animals and they tend to investigate their surroundings quite thoroughly, especially when it has assumed the duty of guarding the family.

It is best to keep away all sharp articles such as knives, nails, sharp glass items, etc. All forms of medicines that we humans and other pets use must be kept away from our dogs. Such medication can prove to be extremely toxic and could lead to some serious injuries.

Food items that humans eat need not be good for dogs. Foods such as chocolates (all kinds), grapes (fresh and dried), onions, chewing gums, some spicy food, etc can be dangerous.

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As innocent as plants could be, few plants need to be kept away from all dogs and pets. Plants like rhododendrons, chrysanthemums, and oleander are toxic to pets. It is advised to identify the kinds of plants that are growing in your backyard and garden and take them out immediately before you bring home a dog.

It is also best you keep away all chemicals and household cleaning items away from your dogs. All detergents, chemical liquid cleaners, insecticides, fertilizers, and pest poisons must be kept away. There are as toxic to pets as they are to humans. These items are best locked and kept out of reach of your dogs so that they could never get to them.

Assigning a designated area for your dogs

A strict boundary must be set in and around your house. You need to define areas where your dogs can be and where they cannot be. Having a designated area for sleeping, feeding, and playing before you get a dog home will help create order at home. Even while training them once they become a part of your house will become easy as they know where to do what. 

 Not all dog parents like their dogs getting on their couches or beds and even in the kitchen area. Some like their dogs using the designated places for their respective activities. Hence it is best to fix these boundaries well in advance, best if done before getting a dog home.

Purchase all the supplies that you will need

If you have adopted a shelter dog or a stray, it would come with things such as a collar or a leash, but you could always think of getting your dogs a new set of everything like a new collar, leash, a bed, toys, chew bone, etc. 

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 Supplies don’t just mean accessories for your dogs, but also includes food and supplement. It is best to continue the food your dog was eating before you adopted it. If you have adopted a new puppy, then it is best to create a diet of your own according to the breed and age. In case you decide to change the food, it’s best to take time and do it over a period rather doing it overnight. 

 Getting your dog an ID tag is essential to make sure you’re able to monitor its whereabouts at any given time. Pets are very much like a member of our families and in case they wander off knowingly or otherwise, we must be able to retrieve them back to us safely and on time before things go out of hand. An ID chip or tag comes in handy in such situations.

Dog bed 

After a day of running and jumping around, your dog needs to retire back to a place where it feels comfortable and safe. Like humans, Dogs recoup their energy back by getting a good amount of rest and sleep. A clean, comfortable bed will make all the difference. 

Bond With Your Dog

In the initial days after your dog arrives, do not focus on the training and other technical details. Focus all your energies and attention on building a bond with your dog. Give it maximum time, get to know its temperament, and allow the dog to get to know you as well.

These initial few months will decide how deep a bond is created between the both of you. Like us, even dogs enjoy space and alone time. So instead of having them by your side all the time, let the leash loose and watch them take off to explore the neighborhood and get some sensory experiences of their own.

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Also, take them for walks, train them, do activities with them, and maybe go on a hike with them. Such activities help create an amazing bond and this way you can beat the regular owner-pet relationship and take it to a whole new level.


What’s in a name you say? Well, it’s everything to your Dog. The very name you give your dog will be its first training and command as well. Your dog will recognize its name when you call it and it’s not just for calling your dog in a crowd, but the emotion attached to that name is what matters most. What do you want to name your dog? Well, that’s something between you and your dog.