How To Take Care Of Your Dogs?

Among all pets, dogs are considered the most popular choice. The reasons for this are various, ranging from how adorable they are to how easy it is to care for them and how loyal they are to their human parents. Dogs have been an integral part of our society and we have innumerable pieces of evidence to suggest that they have been among us for as long as there have been human civilizations.

There are multiple aspects one has to consider before getting a pet home, especially a Dog. Dogs are extremely loyal and are our best friends. It becomes our prime responsibility to care for them as they become dependent on us to provide for them. What do you get in return you may ask. Well, you’ll get undivided love and attention from them for as long as they are with you.

Below are a few points listed to better understand how to meet our Dog’s needs – 

Identifying the basic needs of your Dog

The first and most important need will be Food. As a puppy, your Dog will be growing rapidly over a short period. Providing your dog with proper, good quality nutritious food is of utmost importance. The quantity of food depends on the age and nature of specific breeds. A large breed pup may consume more food compared to a small breed dog of the same age. Hence, identifying such aspects is key.

As the puppy grows older, the food consumption can be modified based on the nature of the activities it performs daily. Active dogs will need to be fed and hydrated accordingly to make sure they recoup their energy back.

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Having a schedule

Dogs could get lazy as they grow older. Certain breeds of dogs tend to lie around and enjoy petting and pampering. Such dogs need to be accustomed to a schedule that consists of things such as fixed time for food and exercise, regular grooming sessions, health and hygiene checks, diet-related plans, and so on. Like for humans, keeping up with these schedules will bring about great changes in your dog’s day-to-day life. The key here is to update the schedule regularly to make sure monotony does not set in.

Monitoring the habits of your Dog

How well does your Dog eat? How well-hydrated is your dog? What are its habits before and after food? Is your dog’s eating proportionate to its weight, age, and activities? There are many such aspects we can check for to make sure your dog’s habits are in check. There are always ways to identify discrepancies in their habits and it’s a lot easier to fix than we usually think. 

Free feeding your pets is another habit we humans have to keep in check. Making food easily available for your pets and in large quantities could be a mistake you’d be paying heavily sooner than you realize.

Food and Water

Like we humans require adequate water to sustain our daily activities efficiently, Dogs need to be regularly hydrated too.

It’s best to keep a container of water readily available for your dog all the time so that it can go about its activities and come get a drink as and when it feels like it. Unlike food, there isn’t any limit to dogs drinking up as much water as they want. If in hot weather, there isn’t harm in putting a few ice cubes in the bowl of water to keep the dogs cool.

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Exercise is another aspect dogs need in their day-to-day life. The amount of exercise a dog needs is completely breed-specific and also depends on the physical capabilities of each dog. Making a schedule for at least 30 minutes a day for exercise and another 30 minutes to allow them to cool off is essential. As the dog gets older, the intensity of exercise reduces. Having said that, as a dog grows older, it needs an adequate amount of exercise to make sure it stays active and is physically fit to perform basic activities.

Health Checks

How healthy are your Dogs? Have you noticed any changes in their behavior? Have they stopped eating or sleeping like they used to? Maybe it’s time for a health check-up. 

Not all symptoms should be taken seriously, but persisting issues and regular deviation from everyday habits must be identified and tended to without any delay. Apart from serious issues, the dog parents must regularly check for fleas and ticks and make sure to get the dogs rid of them immediately. Bathing your Dog every week once is a good habit, but not all dogs need regular bathing. Depending on the amount of coat they have and the amount of exposure they have to the elements outside, Dog parents can decide how dirty or clean their Dogs and bath them accordingly.

Regular grooming and using some basic (if not high-end) products such as shampoos, toothpaste, oils, etc will help you maintain the dogs’ coat and texture and also keep them tick and flea free. Cutting their nails, brushing their teeth regularly, and trimming their hair (for furry dogs) are a few activities you as a Dog parent must do. There’s no excuse you can give when it’s about the health of your ‘friend forever.

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Vet visits 

Firstly, let us accept that not all dogs like visiting a Vet. It is important to make your Dog comfortable to go to a vet because; there will come a day when you will have to take your Dog out to visit a vet. There isn’t any escape route for this. It’s best to have a fixed Vet Clinic and take your dog there for all visits. This way, the Dog will have gotten used to the Vet treating him/her. 

Knowing the basic (medical) details of all issues and ailments of your dog is important. You have to know what treatment your dog is going through and what medication is being administered, like how you’d know if it was a family member. Being there and caring for your dog is not just a requirement, it’s your moral responsibility as they have absolutely no one else to depend on but you.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, one can tend to their canine friends better and make their lives and experiences better. Being a Dog parent, you must be ready to devote and dedicate time to your pet dog’s welfare and well-being. Well, even if you dint care about them, they’d still love you more and more every day. Hence, it’s all about how far you’re willing to go.